Birds Nest Style Swings

Testing was carried out to Australian Standard AS4685

Recently there has been much discussion regarding the safety of certain “Birds Nest Style multi-user swing seats. There have been several reported cases of injuries pertaining to impact of these seats on children. Most seats in the marketplace weigh around 30kg or more and although they may have forms of international certification, Forpark Australia has decided to have our lighter version of the seat tested independently right here in Australia.

Forpark Australia’s seat is constructed using light-weight materials and weighs no more than 18kg’s. This reduced weight has a dramatic effect of the forces imparted on impact.


Grant Humphreys of Acousto Scan Pty Ltd has undertaken the testing earlier this month.

Testing was carried out to Australian Standard AS4685. Part 2: Particular safety requirements and test methods for swings. Appendix B The impact measurements were determined with the calibrated Uniaxe HIC impact system to AS 4422 and ISO6487.


Peak Acceleration Highest Reading 29g )o.59 m/s² < 120 g Specification AS4685.
Average Surface Area Mean Value 35.2 (1.7) cm²
Surface area Compression Force/Area 37 (1.3) N/cm² < 90 N/cm2 Specification AS4685.


The swing complies with AS4685. peak acceleration and AS4685. surface compression.

As can be seen, the Peak Acceleration and Surface Area Compression Values comply by a very large margin.


It means that the Forpark Australia products shown here, utilising the tested “Birds Nest Style” Swing Seat are certified as compliant to AS4685 and compliant by a large margin— now the safest in the market.

So, if safety and peace of mind is important to you and your community – then please consider these products for your next project.

Click here to download the product release information as a PDF.

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