Chancellor State School

This innovative school were looking for a showpiece playground. Located at the front of the school beside their special education unit, the idea was to create an inclusive play space to cater for a variety of age groups, as well as a variety of physical abilities. It presents a multitude of different challenges whilst maintaining an easy access route throughout the playground. These activities help the children develop their key gross motor skills as well as interpersonal skills as they traverse through the playground together. The use of rubber softfall allowed wheelchair bound students to be included in several games and activities that other soft fall types may have inhibited. We utilized the colourful surface to incorporate several ground level games and activities such as hopscotch, twister, numbered jump dots, alphabet snake, twister, and several other themed imaginative play activities. The school also wanted to provide a shade covering for the area, but again were looking for something eye catching. We discussed several solutions with the school deciding upon a bright and colourful shade sail system. Forpark Australia was entrusted with this major project and Chancellor State College is ecstatic with their ‘showpiece’ playground.

  • Project: Chancellor State School
  • Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • Plan View: QS19-001
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