Largest range of Australian made playground equipment

Forpark Australia offers a custom design service for your new playground, so you can take one of our standard structures from awesome to epic.

Our custom design service allows you to create endless combinations of components to create your perfect playground.

You have the option to customise a standard Elevate, Essential, Orbit or Summit structure or create your own unique combination from our wide range of bridges, joiners, freestanding swings, panels, balance beams, climbing nets, and slides. We also offer a range of nature play equipment including timber playgrounds and freestanding timber items.

Alternatively, we can work with you to create a themed playground, completely unique to your play space.

Design Process

Our talented team of sales and design consultants will walk you through some of the items and components that can be added to your structure to suit any play type, age group, budget, play space or even landscaping.

We offer a large range of colour options for our metal components and uprights, plastics, ropes and even handgrips to give you full customisation to create a unique and bespoke play experience.

During the design process, you will be given computer-generated 3D images of the proposed equipment to give you a clear vision.

Find out more about our design process here.

What can I customise?

We offer various products for customisation such as our Elevate, Essentials, Timber Essentials and Orbit ranges. Combining these structures with our freestanding products will create a special and memorable play experience.

Alternatively, our design team offer a fully customised design service to create a bespoke playground design.

Colour Options

Choosing colours is often the hardest decision to make in the planning of your playground. Whether you opt for a combination of bright primary colours, something to blend with the local environment, or even a mix of your own school colours, we can tailor the combination to suit your needs. Our consultants can assist you in selecting the most suitable colours.


Our Elevate structures are next level fun! Built taller with a smaller footprint, so you can squeeze more play value into a smaller space, while saving on soft fall.


A classic design, our Essentials is suitable for all ages and available with any of our extensive colour palette options.

Timber Essentials

Our Essentials Timber range combines the natural beauty of nature with the strength and durability of aluminium and steel.

Orbit Challenge & Stainless

The Orbit Challenge & Stainless change will challenge older children with lots of climbing, hanging and rope elements.

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