Eden Beach

Eden Beach was a fantastic joint venture between Forpark Australia and EPCAD to produce a unique playground utilising a great range of play elements combined with decorative shade panels, The Satterley Property Group (Property Developer) required an iconic playground as a centerpiece in their new development of Eden Beach located 40km north of Perth.

As the play area was to be located in a Public Open Space sunken away from the road, Satterley requested a concept that was going to be visual from the road and attract residents to the area, EPCAD proposed a large decorative shade structure over an exciting matrix of rope play elements to grab the people’s attention and draw them to the area. EPCAD engaged Forpark to manufacture their vision into reality and the result was a successful bespoke playground like no other in Australia.

ParkFit used for Canberra fitness initiative
Shore Preparatory School Playground – NSW

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