Our Essentials Timber range combines the natural beauty of nature with the strength and durability of aluminium and steel.

Our hybrid design is crafted from Meranti Timber of the Shorea species. The light hardwood has a beautiful natural lustre to give your play space a natural atmosphere and aesthetic. The wooden playground structure has interlocking grains which weather into a smoother surface as it ages.

As all the structure’s uprights are aluminium, no timber is installed in the ground preventing structural deterioration due to moisture.

We designed our Essential Timber structures with the harsh Australian climate in mind. Meranti Timber is low maintenance compared to other timber play equipment and is known for its durability and insect resistance. It is UV light resistant, as well as resistant to peeling, cracking and surface mould or algae growth.

The Essentials Timber structures are highly customisable to create a high quality nature play space in the suburbs or blend with existing trees and foliage. Combine your new playground equipment with our freestanding timber products to complete your timber play space.

While durable and resistant to insects, all our natural wood playgrounds require maintenance. For more information on how to maintain your new timber play equipment, visit our Maintenance page.

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