Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise the structures on your website?


All of our website structures are just to give you some ideas about what you would like/ could have in your playground. All of our playgrounds are made to order and can be customised by adding components and changing colours.

Check out the hundreds of components that can be added to your playground here.

And check out all of our colours here.

Can I get spare parts easily?
Can I install my own play equipment?

Yes! Detailed instruction manuals are provided with each item and also available online here. If you have any issues with your installation or the instructions, please contact your local office and speak to a Design Consultant.

Can I recycle my old playground?
Can you install in my state/city/town?

Most of the time, yes! If not we can point you in the direction of someone who can!

What colours can I choose from?

You can find our colour chart here

What is your equipment made from?
What is your lead time?

Our lead times depend on many things such as location, type of product and the time of year. If you would like to know how soon you could get your playground installed, please contact your local Forpark office and talk to one of our Design Consultants. The office details can be found here

What items do you have in stock?

As we are a commercial manufacturer, all orders are made to order so we do not hold stock of complete items. We do hold spare parts for replacement but complete playgrounds or outdoor fitness structures are made to order.

What types of softfall do you supply?
Where is your equipment made?

Some elements are made in our Welshpool Factory and our plastics and ropes are made in our Kewdale factory, both in Western Australia.

Why does your lead time change?

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