Forpark Australia – Playground Equipment & Park Furniture Manufacturer

Australia’s Largest Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Forpark Australia has been manufacturing and supplying playground equipment and park furniture since 1979.  Local government, education and commercial businesses throughout Australia have been using Forpark Australia as their primary provider of park furniture and playground equipment.

Forpark Australia is a family owned Australian company.  Forpark is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial play equipment in the country and has offices in every state.

Forpark Philosophy

The Forpark philosophy has always been that a good playground should provide opportunities for children to develop both social and physical skills, as well as to simply have fun.

Our range of play equipment items have been developed and manufactured to support this philosophy by providing activities which encourage social interaction and aid in the development of physical skills through play.

Forpark Australia’s range of play equipment and park furniture all meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards.



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