Playgrounds in Australia are subjected to a range of harsh conditions from the desert centre to our wild coast lines, which is why at Forpark we use carefully selected materials to suit the full spectrum of Australian conditions.

From aluminium, to galvanised and stainless steel, to injection and roto-moulded plastics, we have the highest quality materials available. In particular, electro-polished stainless steel is unmatched in its anti-corrosion properties which ensures your playground will stand the test of time in any location.

We also use specially made vandal resistant bolts that cannot be adjusted without special tools, to avoid tampering with the equipment. No matter what your special requirements are, Forpark’s trained consultants will advise you of the most suitable materials and design for your location.

Elevate Material Specifications

Essentials Material Specifications

Orbit Material Specifications

Freestanding Timber Material Specifications

Summit Material Specification

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