The appeal of nature playgrounds has increased over the last few years, with a demand for outdoor play and natural materials growing amongst Forpark Australia’s customers.

Forpark Australia has a range of Timber play equipment made from natural materials to encourage outdoor play in schools, early childhood centres, open spaces and commercial locations. This nature play range meets relevant Australian standards to create a safe nature playground for children of all ages.

What is Nature Play?

The term ‘Nature Play’ can be quite broad, ranging from natural elements in a playground or simply the opportunity for children to play in nature with sticks, rocks and sand.

Our Nature Play range is designed to flow into the surrounding landscape with a variety of Freestanding Timber items and Timber structures perfect for nature playscapes and adventure parks.

We also have a range of sensory play items from musical instruments to sand play that can be incorporated to create a multi-sensory play space.

Benefits of Nature Play

Nature play connects children to nature and assists cognitive, social, and emotional development. Playing outdoors amongst natural elements allows for creativeness and sensory play, as well as physical development.

Nature Play was once part of everyday play, and included not only playing outside but also building cubbies, and climbing trees. Recent research shows that children are being exposed to lower levels of outdoor play due to the increased popularity of screen-based entertainment. As such, there are now increasing levels of childhood obesity, depression, and behavioural disorders.

To combat this, children must be given the opportunity to play outside freely with natural elements. Nature play enhances a child’s emotional and physical development, improves creativity and teaches them to respect the natural world.

Timber Essentials

Our Essentials Timber range combines the natural beauty of nature with the strength and durability of aluminium and steel.

Timber Freestanding

Our Timber freestanding products will complement your nature play space.

Sensory Play

Sensory Play includes play equipment that stimulates one of the senses to develop an efficient and well-rounded central nervous system.

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