Playground Equipment Perth

When purchasing playground equipment for your school, child care centre or council park, the first decision you need to make is which supplier to choose.  Forpark Australia has been manufacturing playground equipment in Perth since 1979 and have an enviable reputation for providing quality equipment and great service.

As the leading manufacturer of playground equipment in Western Australia, Forpark offers several ranges of playground equipment, as well as outdoor fitness equipment and park furniture.

Our range of outdoor fitness equipment, ParkFit, provides the ideal fitness solution for people of all ages.  With a growing community interest in crossfit, our ParkFit range provides a great vehicle to develop these skills, not to mention the benefits in combatting the growing obesity trend in Australia.

Safety is also a paramount concern in the selection of playground equipment.  Forpark Australia has had a representative on the standards committee responsible for developing the last two playground standards and continues to ensure that our equipment not only meets the high quality standards that we have set, but is compliant with all relevant safety standards.

Forpark Australia is proud to be Australian, and even prouder of the fact that we have kept all of our manufacturing in house. There are plenty of benefits in buying an Australian made product including quality control, availability of parts, local service and helping the local community.  Forpark is proud to be putting back into our local community.

If you require any further information about the most reliable playground equipment in Western Australia please contact our office.

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