Aveley North Primary School – Aveley

Aveley North Primary School was a brand new school that needed playgrounds so that the students could develop their physical and social skills.
There were two areas in the school that needed playgrounds:
  • Year 3 and 4 teaching block- Older children between 8-10 years old. Rope and Overhead structures to promote upper-body mobility and movement
  • Ed Support teaching block- Younger pre kindy children. Accessibility for children of all abilities. Lower sensory play unit to encourage children with wheelchair access. The architect wanted to create a chill-out area/zone, sensory items and a hammock.
We installed a playground before the school opened in 2017. This first playground is where the Architect drew inspiration from as the playground was a great success. They wanted to integrate some of the existing elements into the new playgrounds.
The new playgrounds are a hit with the children and meet all their play needs.

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