Belair Gardens Caravan Park – Geraldton

We have just completed our second project for the Summerstar Park Chain for Belair Gardens Caravan Park in the Coastal Town of Geraldton. The challenges started 15mins before our teams arrived on site with a call from the Park to inform us that the installation area resembled a swimming pool rather than a site ready for a new playground. Turns out there was decent flooding due to area drainage and a tidal water table, despite the setback our star installer Kingscope figured out a way to get it ready, pushing through and having the project completed on time.

The colour scheme was nautical, which seemed fitting given that this project was a stone’s throw from the beach, all-aluminium uprights, and stainless/ SS Fasteners upgrade where possible to suit the location. Have a playground near coastal areas requires specific materials.

This Elevate structure is large enough to keep the whole caravan park entertained while still having a small footprint.

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