James Overall Park – Southport

Gold Coast City Council had envisioned a play space for James Overall Park that would have an impact and grab people’s attention! Our Elevate range delivered and has exceeded the council’s expectation of the final result. Within the footprint of the structure we were also able to allow room to fit a double bay swing with a Basket, not 1, but 2 rockers, a Carousel and Talk Tubes. With all of these inclusive items around the structure, the council could not resist our Proposal!

When we got to the site we noticed immediately that drainage would be required, we made sure to include sufficient allowance while designing this site so that it could be enjoyed all year round. In addition to landscaping, we included sandstone blocks, which would act as seating under the shade provided by the trees for parents to enjoy while the kids play! We decided to go for a funky colour scheme to stand out from the other parks in the area. We also added rubber wear pads where needed to limit future maintenance.

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