Marmindie Street Park – Chapel Hill

We gave this old park a new lease on life! With plenty of picnic tables and bbq in the vicinity, this is a great pocket park for the community to come to relax while their kids play on the new playground.
There are challenges for kids of all ages including double slide, climbing, balance and interactive items, talk tubes and swing.
We demolished the existing playground and shade, cut & fill, sandstone blocks, playground equipment, bark and rubber soft fall, and concrete edging.
This was a great project from Site Consultation to Handover. The site wasn’t the easiest but with clear communication and a can-do attitude from our installers, the council officer was very impressed with how his first playground project came together.
This was the first playground project for the newest member of the Brisbane West Project team. The site was a tricky one due to the fall of the site, through clear communication it was a smooth sailing project for the new project officer. Communication is key.

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