Reserve 177 – Seven Hills

Blacktown Council were looking to upgrade a small existing playground with a new natural looking play space incorporating the surroundings to suit children in the 5-12 year old age bracket.

The council wanted the design to take full advantage of a steep embankment, quite a severe landform at this site, being flat along the top, and then rolling into a steep embankment down the hill.

The project incorporates a multitude of play activities within natural mulch soft fall pits and using rubber only in high-wear areas.  Sandstone boulders were used to surround the pits as well as sandstone sleepers to create an informal ‘hang-out’ area. We also installed timber stepping stones and a balance log structure. We undertook the whole project including earthworks except plantings and are extremely pleased with the outcome, as is Council.

Achieving a very beautiful, natural-looking and inviting play space that will encourage a wide range of local users.

Forpark designed this new space from concept to installation, saving the council money and the headache of dealing with multiple subcontractors.

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