Spring Parks Primary School – Springvale South

This project started out with a great meeting with Spring Parks leadership and some students. We managed to work together and nut out a great brief to design with. They wanted and needed a refresh on their very large junior playground.

With a good-sized budget, we offered up 2 options which were both received very well. The inclusions requested were hang-n-glides, tunnel, under platform play area options, rollovers and climbing choices. We managed to offer these elements plus many more.

The school was very happy with the end result and provided a lovely testimonial as well.

“I had the pleasure of working with Kelly from Safe Play on our new playground. Kelly was keen to engage with our students and sought their opinion on what they would like to see in their playground.  She took some of their ideas on board, as well as her own suggestions, and came up with something that has had a positive impact on the whole school community.  We are extremely pleased with the final product”.

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