Ninja Warrior x Playground!

This circuit playground has all the elements of a Ninja Warrior Course, running, hanging, jumping, crawling PLUS playground favourites Slides!! This playground will challenge children’s balance, agility, coordination and problem-solving skills. Including A Tunnel and dual racing Wave Slide, Clock Panel, Rock Wall, Rope Seat, Cargo Rope Net, Rope Twist, Jungle Gym, Zig Zag Challenge, Challenge Rail, Pommel Walker, Monkey Bars, Wave Bars, Hang N Glide and Roman Triangles.

Age Range: Mixed
Max Fall Height: 1950mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 151.4m2
Equipment Size: 13950mm x 10120mm

All of our playground structures can be customised by changing the colours or adding components, freestanding items or fitness equipment to meet your play space size or budget.

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