Flying Fox Double

Always a favourite for all ages, the robust Flying fox with its contemporary design is a very popular option for larger regional parks. Engineered to withstand the rigours of constant public use, the Flying fox is built to stand the test of time.

This version requires a starting platform or mound at the correct height to be constructed as part of the site works. Please note that the Flyway is designed for a level site, although moderate variations can be absorbed by installing the main posts higher or lower as required. A choice of an all abilities seat or pommel seat is available.

Product Code: FS80
Age Range: 4-15 Years
Max Fall Height: 1500mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 212.22m2
Minimum Install Zone: 216.22m2
Equipment Size: 35065mm x 7330mm
Max Equipment Height: 3700mm
Max Load: Seat – 100kgs, Pommel – 120kgs
Play spaces: Parks, schools, commercial

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