Sand Play Activities

Forpark Australia is excited to announce the release of our new sand play activities.

There are two new items in this range; the Sand Table and the Sand Wheel.

Sand Table

Available in both a free standing and attachable version, the sand table offers a place for children to create images using dry or wet sand.

The sand table includes six templates (including a cat, dog, bird, car, bike and a playing child), three for wet sand and three for dry sand. Place the template on the table and cover with sand. Pull the template back and you are left with an image. The table should also be used for general sand play.

Sand Wheel

Also available in both a free standing and attachable version, the sand wheel provides a fun, colourful moving sand play activity.

Using the sand scoop, ensuring the plug is inserted; simply fill the top bowl full of sand. Pull the plug out and watch the sand pour through the spout and onto the sand wheel below. Watch the coloured wheel spin, dumping the sand below until the top bowl is empty.

These two new items will provide hours of creative fun in the sand and are suitable for most ages. Keep your eye out for more upcoming new playground equipment products in the Forpark Australia range.

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