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Quality Guarantee

Forpark Australia produces quality equipment that is designed and manufactured to maximise the longevity of your playground. In support of this we offer a full Twenty-Year Warranty on all our steel structural play equipment items and a Twenty five -Year Warranty on the ParkFit range. Copies of our Guarantee of Quality can be obtained through any Forpark office or downloaded here.

Guarantee of Quality – Play Equipment

Guarantee of Quality – ParkFit

Quality Assurance

Forpark Australia is quality assured to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. This ensures that the quality of our product meets our exacting standards every time you purchase our equipment.

Safety Standards

Forpark Australia play equipment complies with the following standards as a minimum:

  • AS 4685:2014 “Playground Equipment” (comprising the following parts)
  • AS 4685.1 “General safety requirements and test methods”
  • AS 4685.2 “Specific safety requirements and test methods for swings”
  • AS 4685.3 “Specific safety requirements and test methods for slides”
  • AS 4685.4 “Specific safety requirements and test methods for runways”
  • AS 4685.5 “Specific safety requirements and test methods for carousels”
  • AS 4685.6 “Specific safety requirements and test methods for rocking equipment”
  • AS 4685.11 “Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for spatial network”
  • AS/NZS 4486.1:1997 “Playgrounds and playground equipment ” Part 1:Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation.”
  • AS/NZS 4422:1996 “Playground surfacing ” Specifications, requirements and test method.”

ParkFit – Compliance Certificates

Forpark Australia is proud to announce that our ParkFit range has been independently audited and certified as compliant with AS4685.1-2014. Copies of compliance certificates can be downloaded here:

Maintenance & Spare Parts

While all Forpark play equipment complies with the relevant safety standards you will have a responsibility to provide ongoing care and maintenance.

To ensure that your equipment remains in good condition, regular inspections for wear and tear, or vandalism damage should be undertaken.

To help you program and correctly record your inspections and maintenance, Forpark Australia provides all of the relevant information you will need to comply with AS 4486,1,1997 “Playgrounds and playground equipment ” Part 1:Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation”. You can download safety and maintenance schedules for Play Equipment, Ropes, Flying Fox & ParkFit here.

If, as a result of vandalism or wear and tear, any parts of your playground need replacing, Forpark Australia can provide replacements quickly.

A Spare Parts Manual detailing the most commonly used items can be downloaded from this page.


Forpark Australia has installation teams that will install our equipment in most locations around the country. Alternatively you may wish to save some of the cost by installing the equipment yourselves. All of our equipment has been designed to enable working bees and council groups to install our product with a minimum of fuss.

Installation instructions for most of our equipment can be downloaded from the installation page on this site.

Colour Chart

Choosing colours is often the hardest decision to make in the planning of your playground. Whether you opt for a combination of bright primary colours, something to blend with the local environment, or even a mix of your own school colours, we can tailor the combination to suit your needs. Our consultants can assist you in selecting the most suitable colours.

The colour selection chart below will assist you in making your selection. As new products are released, individual colour options may change.

(Colours represented are as close as possible to actual colours. Colours on the screen may vary from computer to computer. )

To see the range of colours available please view colour chart. (PDF)

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