Shore Preparatory School Playground – NSW

Project scope:

  • The school had an outdoor area consisting of gardens, concrete paths, heavily trampled grass/bare areas and timber decking in need of replacement, with no play equipment. This was their main outdoor area, a large central space situated in between the U-shaped block of classrooms
  • The main aim was to activate and improve the space and to include play equipment to provide more challenge in order to extend the physical abilities of the children.

Description of project:

  • A survey was done by a surveying company to plot all items and levels within the area and most of the area was excavated and levelled with the site re-built according to the new design levels.
  • The area as a whole was re-worked. New zones were created to provide both active and passive spaces and a softened path network that both linked the classrooms and worked within the play area. This was then bordered by the landscaping, natural looking synthetic grass surfacing and sandstone seating.
  • The existing timber decking was replaced with new extended decking, plus new separate decking “pods” added to give additional room which could be used as outdoor performance spaces, as active play areas or as passive seating which also extended the opportunity for interaction. The aim was to provide areas for both active play and imaginative / social play.
  • The addition of musical items, including musical pipes extended the type of activity in the playground.

Major successes:

  • The customer was extremely happy with the combination of equipment, landscaping and the finish of the area
  • The Beach Buggy in particular was a huge hit and in addition provided opportunities for the special needs children to play on an item they felt “safe” in.
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