Betty Sun

Sales and Design Consultant

I love Slides! It’s been my favourite piece of equipment since I was little because no matter who I’m with (older, or friends my age) everyone has a go and has fun on them.

What area of your state are you responsible for? North Western NSW: Bogan Shire Council, Bourke Shire Council, Brewarrina Shire Council, Cobar Shire Council, Coonamble Shire Council, Gilgandra Shire Council, Walgett Shire Council, Warren Shire Council, Warrumbungle Shire Council.

Fun facts about Betty: I still remember all 150 original Pokémon and get excited as soon as I hear the Simpsons theme song… so I’m wondering when I will finally grow up (but I’m hoping I never do because where’s the fun in that?).

Of course, I still do see the sun sometimes. Nothing beats a short camping trip involving hikes, pretending to be Bear Grylls and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Add a big, fluffy German shepherd to that and I’m the happiest kid in the world.

Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies: Bachelor of Interior and Spatial Design

Favourite thing about working in the Playground Industry: It’s great listening to the excitement from schools or a community when they are getting a brand new playground! My favourite thing about working at Forpark is that I can be involved in the project from start to finish. I get to design a playground to suit the specific needs of a customer and see it come to life. It’s much more personal this way.

Favourite project: Coldstream Crescent Reserve

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