Chris Gobby

Production Manager

I love the Orb Climber! It is different than anything I have seen in Australia and I had to fight for two years to get this product in our range.

What area are you responsible for? National Production

Fun facts about Chris: I enjoy my vegetable and herb gardens, working in my home workshop on my collection of classic and vintage cars, travelling as much as I can and spending time in the great Australian outdoors.

Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies: I have worked as a playground maintenance worker, a fencer, a windmill repairer & installer, a cleaner, a welder fabricator, an exhaust fitter, a bobcat operator, a self-employed mechanic, a mechanic for a vintage car restore shop and was a race car mechanic for around 6 years. A Jack of all trades really (and master of none!)

Favourite thing about working in the Playground Industry: The massive variety in the products that we manufacture and the great people that I work with.

Favourite project: Summit at Mandalay, it was a huge project for Forpark and the satisfaction at seeing it assembled, transported 230 km’s then stood up was amazing. There was also a massive relief when everything was completed with no hassles or problems, this is a testament to the quality of workmanship and depth of knowledge of the people at Forpark and our contractors.

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