Jodie Logli

Director Big Splash Enterprises

Tunnel Slides, nothing like going down a slide to make you feel young and fun.

What area of your state are you responsible for? North Queensland

Fun facts about you: I love driving my beloved Mustang or spending time with my family and our large assortment of animals including two large German Sheppard’s, two very fluffy Birman cats and one opinionated Russian Blue cat and five horses, one is the same size as the dogs (Ewok), and our resident donkey, Hamish.

Qualifications/ Degrees/ certificates/ Participation trophies: Structural Landscape (Trade) Licence QBCC

Favourite thing about working in the Playground industry: The best part is when we open a new playground and the people big and small are so excited and happy. It is a wonderful feeling bringing such happiness to people.

Favourite project:  Twin Summit at Mackay Northview Park


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