Karlie Porta

Design Consultant / Administration Manager

My favourite piece of equipment would have to be the Flying Fox. I have fond childhood memories of whizzing through the air, such an adrenaline rush.

Some fun facts about you?

I’m a Brown Belt in Mixed Martial Arts, and when I’m not at the office I’m in the Dojo, either training or working part time as an instructor. You will also find me running around after my two teenage sons & husband, water skiing or fishing whenever we get the chance. My relaxation time consists of snuggling up with a good book or playing the drums.

What are your Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies?

I’ve had a few interesting jobs over the years. After a Cert III in Business, I spent 4 years as Laboratory Analyst for a mining company, before gaining a position as a Procurement Officer for a government department. I thrive being given on-the-job experience, if you show me – I can do it!

Favourite thing about working in the playground industry?

There’s never a dull moment and each day brings new challenges (and lot’s of fun)

What was your favourite project so far?

My favourite project is the Summit tower we recently installed in Redlynch Vistas Estate. It is fantastic to have a Summit tower in our hometown, the colours chosen look amazing and our Basket Swing, Carousel and ParkFit Equipment complement the space perfectly.

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