Kent Applegate

Director Safe Play Australia

I love the carousel. I think it allowed me to push the limit and it fed the competitiveness between me and my older brother to see who could go faster and longer each time.

What area of your state are you responsible for? As a Director, the entire state. My sales territory is the East of VIC, including Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Fun facts about Kent: My family tell me that I’m an amazing cook. I’m an early riser, an extreme extrovert that loves being around others, and am fiercely protective of my family. I’m blessed with four fantastic little humans that call me dad and barrack as loudly as I do for the Mighty Richmond Tigers.

Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies: I’ve been in sales since my early twenties, been in the playground industry for over 15 years, and have completed various qualifications in sales, leadership, a Diploma of Ministry and a Level 3 Playground Auditor qualification.

Favourite thing about working in the Playground Industry? The work matches my personality. It’s a creative, outgoing space that lets my inner child dream up playgrounds that I would love to have had in my school or local park. It’s an amazing moment when you see the excitement of children as they explore their new equipment for the first time!

Favourite project: My favourite changes every time we finish a new one! Current favourite, Lynbrook Primary School.

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