Leroy Berry

State Manager

I really love the entire Orbit range – It can be challenging to navigate, but it provides a platform to problem-solve while having a great time.

What area of your state are you responsible for? Brisbane and Gold Coast

Fun facts about Leroy: Exercise has been a very big part of my life in the last 7 years – it has brought a lot of structure and energy to my day. I will always find a bit of time through the day to hit the gym, go for a bike ride, or hiking if possible. I also really enjoy indoor rock climbing, camping and jet skiing.

If I don’t feel particularly energetic, I love watching live shows and concerts or if not, binge-watching a Netflix season is my next go-to!

Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies: Bachelors degree in business – Double Major (Marketing + Management)
Certificate in personal training – Level 4

Favourite thing about working in the Playground Industry: Being part of a dynamic team – I love getting out of the office and meeting our customers.


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