Sean Davies

Sales and Design Consultant

I love the 6m Activity Net, I love climbing as high as possible. Or our ParkFit line, I love the idea of working out in a park.

What area of your state are you responsible for? I look after the North of WA from Perth to the border and up to Kununurra.

Fun facts about you: 

  • Most of my spare time is spent adventuring or getting up to something fun with my family (my wife, 2 boys and my baby girl)
  • I love to build stuff, generally out of timber – I built our dining table and bench a little while ago, and a really simple boat/ sandpit for the kids.
  • I play the drums as often as I can, and basketball, usually late at night in my local park listening to a podcast
  • And try to read more than I watch Netflix – could read anything from Jack Reacher to Theology and religion to ancient history

Qualifications/ Degrees/ Certificates/ Participation trophies: Started out as a tradie and won apprentice of the year (2006). I have a Cert in Horticulture, Cert 4 in business and a Cert 4 in Theology. Currently considering my next subject of study, probably around landscape design.

Favourite thing about working in the Playground Industry: The reaction from my two boys (5 and 2) when I show them a playground I have designed

Favourite project: My favourite has to be my first project, for St Francis Xavier PS in Geraldton, it hasn’t gone in yet (due for install in April 2020) but I was up at site a few weeks ago and saw the empty pit beckon my playground, the feeling was brilliant. My second favourite is an access re-design I have done for Padbury Catholic School. I worked with the school, and a child’s physio to design better access points for a child who has some challenges. The feedback was that the school and child were wrapped.

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