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Orange City Council won a Sport & Recreation Disability Grant to create an outdoor gym for people who have disabilities resulting from vehicular accidents.

Forpark were approached by Council at the Grant Application phase for advice. Because the ParkFit range is “flexible” in design, using a post and clamp system, we could accommodate height/level adjustments and rotate or space items to easily meet the specific requirements of such a project. Upon Council winning the Grant we then undertook the extensive design of the equipment and layout, and then manufacture and installation.

The design phase involved collaboration with the Occupational Therapy & Diversional Therapy Department at the local Orange Health Service, in particular Lacey Healey, Head of Department. She helped to guide the design of the equipment and it’s layout. Critical to the success of the project was that it not only met the needs of people who have suffered disabilities resulting from vehicular accidents, but people with disabilities in general, and it absolutely had to be inclusive to all – both able-bodied and those with a disability. The final mix of equipment constructed proudly achieves this goal and we look forward to hearing wonderful news of its ongoing success.

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