Why Forpark?

Forpark Australia pride ourselves on being at the pinnacle of design and quality in the playground manufacturing industry. Here are some of our defining features which is why we should be the first choice for your next playground.


Our plastics are manufactured in Australia, at our own factory. This means that we have second-to-none control over the quality of materials used and the finished product to ensure they are right for Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

The Australian climate requires specific UV stabilisers which minimises fade and reduces brittleness, all of which is taken into consideration when choosing our materials and your design. Our rotational moulded plastic is water tank grade which has high UV protection and has no leeching of chemicals.



Where possible, plastic flanges are used rather than metal flanges:

  • Welding changes the composition of the metal as well as burns off the zinc protection – over the years the product could be susceptible to rust and corrosion
  • Our nylon flanges are automotive grade which is widely accepted as the best material available Plastic Flanges/Clamp



Hybrid design combines natural beauty of timber and the strength and durability of aluminium and steel.


  • A durable, light hardwood, with interlocked grains which weathers well into a smoother surface as it ages
  • Is known for its durability and being particularly resistant to insect attacks
  • Resists growth of surface mould/algae, UV light, peeling and cracking
  • Low maintenance compared to other nature play products




Our Essentials range of platforms and uprights are made from aluminium.


  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Dissipates heat faster – great for the Australian Climate
  • Cooler to touch – safer for little hands
  • Easier to work with because it’s lighter



  • Hot-dipped galvanised rather than powder coated steel
  • High anti-corrosive properties increases the life of the product



  • Clamping system minimises welds therefore reducing potential corrosion
  • Electro polishing (Orbit stainless) is great for coastal conditions
  • Lots of climbing, hanging and rope elements with platforms, the best of both worlds with junior and senior options Old Weld Tabs vs new Chain Boss


  • Unlike current ‘bearing and lever’ systems, our products, which use the RRS, have been designed to minimise the number of moving parts, therefore reducing required maintenance
  • RRS technology has an increased expected lifespan when compared to bearing, increasing the longevity of the product


  • Electro polishing is an electrochemical process which brightens and smoothens the surfaces of stainless steel. As a result the stainless steel appears chrome-like and looks great
  • Great for all weather conditions, the clean finish on the product has anti-corrosive properties that is easy to clean.



  • We use a bearing system rather than swing castings. This means less friction on the moving parts.
  • Older swing castings have higher wear rates, needing replacement more often.



  • We use stainless steel chains as a standard
  • Some competitors use galvanised chain which wears faster and can be subject to corrosion




  • Old weld tabs become worn out and hard to replace
  • Chain Boss houses the chain and reduces the wear and tear which increases the life of the part
  • A clean, smart finish




Developed through consultation with health and fitness professionals, including sports physiotherapists and personal trainers

  • Designed to provide a unique and diverse exercise experience
  • Electro polished 316 stainless steel and anodised aluminium is perfect for coastal conditions
  • Modular designs so we can build to any size, space and fitness level
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extended structural warranty
  • Sleek modern look
  • Utilises the Rubber Resistance System for low maintenance and longevity



We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of playground equipment and the only manufacturer with our own dedicated plastic moulding factory. Our products are designed and manufactured in our Perth factory and with nearly 40 years experience in the industry we are certain we can design a playground for your needs. With an increasing number of companies turning to imported products, Forpark has made the decision to keep virtually all manufacturing in house. We strongly believe in investing in Australia’s manufacturing future and keeping local people employed

We have built an enviable reputation for service and quality. We have seen many competitors come and go over the years and we offer our customers peace of mind that we will be here to provide product service and support well into the future.

Your Sales Representative and Design Consultant are the same person so your idea becomes reality without anything getting lost in translation. The design flexibilities are endless and you can modify your designs to suit any size or budget.

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